Top 3 Things Tech Tenants Want in Office Space

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Technology companies are going beyond Silicon Valley and settling into new markets across the country, like right here in Massachusetts. And with growth the name of the game, they represent a new, exciting need for commercial real estate.

Creating a unique entrepreneurial ecosystem is key for up-and-coming tech and innovation companies, but there are a few other trends that JLL’s Technology Research Group calls out in their 7th AnnualTechnology Report that really spotlight what these corporations are looking for when shopping for office space.

Happy Workers, Happy Business. While maintaining an eye on the bottom line, tech companies are not afraid to spend a little money to keep their employees happy. Engagement, empowerment and fulfillment reign supreme in the experience model, so many corporations are willing to invest in an attractive office in an easy-to-access location that’s filledwith amenities, like on-site cafés and restaurants, game rooms, gyms and even scheduled fitness classes.

Design Optimization. While open concepts are still trending, some tech businesses are revamping the “less is more” look in favor of more efficient layouts. To eliminate distraction and increase productivity, the latest successful space layouts include foot-traffic planning that encourages random encounters, a range of collaborative spaces and enough flexibility to allow teams to equip their areas as they see fit.

Lifestyle Shifts. Millennials made downtown living cool but as this generation starts to age and settle down, they may start to make different choices. As they begin to marry and raise children, a new fondness for suburbia is taking hold with an increase in office inquiries closer to home. Add to that the rise in satellite locations and co-working centers and you’ll see how tech corporations are taking space out of the cities and into new more, flexible locations that can grow as their businesses grow. There is even a company already at Riverwalk in Lawrence that features a mix of office space solutions available daily, weekly, monthly and more. Launch Co-Working Spaces is the perfect setting for remote employees who want to work in a community space and enjoy a variety of amenities.