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Showing #LupoliLove

Here at Lupoli Companies we share the love all year round by giving back to our community each day. But if you are still doing some last-minute Valentine’s Day shopping, here is a list of our favorite charities—when you make a donation, it will not only warm your heart, but it will last long after the month of February.

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Throw A Winning Super Bowl Party at Work

Are you ready for some football? Give coworkers a chance to gear up for the big game with these championship ideas—you might even use a few at your own Super Bowl party this weekend!

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After a successful year in the Revolving Test Kitchen, the current tenant chef Raymond Gonzalez is ready to pay it forward by passing this incredible experience on to one of the many applicants vying to move into the downtown Lawrence location.

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Selfie Success

During the holidays, we partnered with Clarendon Early Education Services, Inc., A Child Care Nutrition Agency at Riverwalk Lawrence to support their Annual Toy Drive—and we are thrilled to announce that it was a BIG SUCCESS!


share to care

We're partnering with Clarendon Early Education Services, Inc., A Child Care Nutrition Agency at Riverwalk Lawrence to support their Annual Toy Drive—and you can help!


do you have what it takes to be the next food entrepreneur at the revolving test kitchen?

Sustainable entrepreneurship and economic growth go hand in hand. Lupoli Companies continues to support local entrepreneurs in a number ways.


entrepreneurs, changing the way we live, work and play

Being involved in leasing commercial real estate lends itself to meeting and interacting with all types of entrepreneurs. The most exciting entrepreneurs are challenging and changing the way we will live, work and play.


downtime - make it your time

Some afternoons, usually around 2PM, the strong urge to re-caffeinate seems to take hold like my early morning espresso that has somehow lost its punch.


top 3 benefits of social media marketing

Social media establishes your brand and sets you apart from your competitors. If your goal is to attract and engagement with millennials or entrepreneurs, social media needs to be a top priority in your marketing plan.


focused on the future

Stewardship refers to the perspective of seeing the ownership of a family business as a responsibility to the next generation, and to employees, and to the community – rather than simply as a financial investment.


Why Here

Lupoli Companies CEO & Founder Sal Lupoli, looks at buying real estate as part businessman/part family man. He asks himself, “Would I live here, would I shop here, will I be helping the community here?”


Smart Growth Developments Support Economic Stimulation


Lupoli Companies has been on the forefront of Smart Growth Neighborhoods since 2003 when Sal Lupoli purchased his first mill building at Riverwalk and continues today with the redevelopment of Thorndike Exchange.

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What happened to the “American Dream”?

The “American Dream” is a phrase that was coined during the Great Depression. In general, it was the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.