A Leader in Gateway Cities

Lupoli Companies was just named in the Top 10 Largest Commercial Developers in Massachusetts by Boston Business Journal.

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This honor reflects Lupoli Companies’ dedication to growth and innovation, when building mixed-use projects that serve local business and enrich communities. Sal Lupoli, CEO and Founder, Lupoli Companies is passionate about transforming historic mill buildings into thriving, sustainable properties, “mixed-use urban developments stimulate the local economy, promote job creation, strengthen communities and even assist with sustainability.”

Focusing on Gateway Cities, Sal has led the organization with the transformation of Riverwalk, a 50-acre mixed-use development in Lawrence. In 2003, Sal purchased his first abandoned mill and a short 15 years later, it is now 4 million square feet of a thriving smart growth development. Today, there are more than 200 businesses and 5,000 jobs, plus 254 market rate apartments at the Residences at Riverwalk help to fuel the local economy. And that’s just the beginning. Riverwalk will be breaking ground on new opportunities in 2019 with additional square footage of ground-up construction. This plan includes retail, restaurant and commercial space, plus a unique parking structure with a regulation size turf football field on the top level. The adaptive reuse of our mill buildings continues with projects that will provide more space for mixed-use purposes in the future. 

Our latest acquisitions feature properties in Lowell and Haverhill that are both planned to open later this year. “These are not short-term business investments, but long-term legacies,” says Sal. “A good real estate developer has the vision to see around the corner.” Like Riverwalk, the former Comfort Furniture Mill in Lowell is a great example of how Sal sees potential where others simply can not. Situated right off of a major roadway and connected to the Gallagher Transportation Center, this mill is now under redevelopment and will soon become an exciting combination of high-end retail, residential and commercial space, Thorndike Exchange.

The Heights in Haverhill is a 10-story, mixed-use development that will add to the vitality of the downtown landscape. This unique project will feature luxe apartments and commercial space alongside classrooms, laboratories, a test kitchen and a restaurant, where aspiring chefs can begin honing their skills at the Lupoli Family School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts, an extension of Northern Essex Community College.

As we settle into our place in the Top 10 Largest Commercial Developers and expand our footprint, our mission remains consistent, to provide the very best experience for our tenants, residents and neighbors while creating a positive impact on communities in Massachusetts’ Gateway cities.  

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