Why Here


Lupoli Companies CEO & Founder Sal Lupoli, looks at buying real estate as part businessman/part family man. He asks himself, “Would I live here, would I shop here, will I be helping the community here?” Every decision to Sal is always equal parts head and heart. From his first purchase of a turn of the century mill building Riverwalk Mills in Lawrence MA to current acquisitions in Andover, Lowell and Haverhill, Sal looks at these opportunities as not just short-term business investments, but long-term legacies. According to Sal, a good real estate developer “has the vision to see around the corner.” Certainly, his initial purchase in Lawrence of the Riverwalk Mills supports that idea of vision. In 2003, these mills were dilapidated, run-down and sources of blight. In a scant 14 years, these mills, now known as Riverwalk, are bustling with over 200 companies, 5,000 people employed and some of the most exciting businesses in the Merrimack Valley. This type of thinking has led Sal to some of the most promising development opportunities outside of Boston. 

A year ago, the former Comfort Furniture Mill in Lowell was just another run-down mill, but Sal saw its potential being right off a major roadway and connected to the Gallagher Transportation Center. Today, this mill is under redevelopment by Lupoli Companies and by fall of 2017 Thorndike Exchange will be a mixed-use marvel, with an exciting combination of high-end retail, residential and commercial space.

Upcoming projects in Haverhill and Andover MA are also part of Sal’s vision.  Downtown Haverhill is starting to experience its own renaissance and Lupoli Companies sees that vision and wants to be part of this exciting revitalization.  The Dascomb Road Project in Andover is another development opportunity that has tremendous potential for Lupoli Companies. The land and location are perfect for innovative concepts and an exciting future. Providing opportunities for economic growth and job creation are what Sal consistently see’s around the corner.