Q & A with Sal Lupoli


After graduating from Chelmsford High School in 1984, Sal Lupoli went on to become a successful entrepreneur with 40 Sal’s Pizza shops and close to 500 people in his employ. But what Lupoli is most proud of is his ability to give back to Chelmsford. As an assistant football coach for Chelmsford High School and president of Chelmsford Pop Warner, Lupoli has organized several construction projects, most recently remodeling the weight room at CHS.

Q: When did you first get involved with school projects? 

A: I got involved with coaching football at Chelmsford High School and I’m going on my fifth year. I spoke with coaches Bruce Rich and Jack Fletcher and I thought it would be a good idea if I helped out. I saw it as an opportunity to help out the kids and help out Chelmsford and be proactive for some of the needs the kids have. I got involved with Pop Warner four years ago… I’m now the president of Chelmsford Pop Warner. The Chelmsford Pop Warner Board of Directors is working on adding some wonderful opportunities for the kids this coming year.

Q: So what are some of those opportunities the board will be bringing to the kids?

A: The youth programs, which are also in addition to Pop Warner boys and girls lacrosse, boys and girls soccer and boys and girls hockey. For many, many years there’s never been an irrigation system over at the Parker Middle School. You have to realize that in August, July and September it becomes a dust bowl over there. So, all those youth sports can’t play over there because of the dust that gets kicked up... We contracted with Odgen wells of Tewksbury and Kenny Kid of Green Lawn of Chelmsford and they donated and helped work with us on the irrigation system. We’re replacing all the lights, the well and the irrigation. Pop Warner is also putting in a brand new snack shack where the old one is. That will provide public bathrooms, storage space for the kid’s uniforms and a place for people to sell snacks ... We’re also close to putting new lights to light up the field at McCarthy.

Q: How did you decide to help finance a new weight room?

A: Well I looked at the weight room and realized that none of the kids were working out there because it was so antiquated… I sat down with Jack Fletcher and Bruce Rich and we went out and were able to raise the almost six figures in funds to improve the room. About six months ago, with the help of the School Committee and the superintendent, I got the approval to rename the weight room after Jack Fletcher, a man who has dedicated his heart and soul to Chelmsford High School for over 38 years.

Q: What did athletics mean to you when you were at CHS?

A: I think athletics helped contribute to the man I am today. I think it added to my character. It added to my desire of accomplishment. It taught me how not to quit and to continue to strive for success.

Q: Why did you decide to open up Sal’s Pizza in town?

A: I’m a 1989 graduate of Northeastern University and I opened Sal’s Pizza in September 1990. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. The thought of working and creating something from scratch I not only learned from athletics but from my family. I just had a great desire to work for myself. I didn’t’ really decide it was going to be pizza until I started thinking about it and with some advice from my father when I was in college. But my greatest accomplishments aren’t the assets I’ve acquired. Aside from my children my greatest accomplishment is being able to give back to the community that gave me so much. 


By Chloe Gotsis  ·  June 25, 2010  ·  Wicked Local  ·  Original Article