Stewardship refers to the perspective of seeing the ownership of a family business as a responsibility to the next generation, and to employees, and to the community – rather than simply as a financial investment. Family business owners are typically driven by the importance of the stewardship of their business. It begins with a willingness and commitment to be accountable to something larger than themselves. Whether that is the team, organization or community, family business owners seek to manage their assets for generations to come. This stewardship in business is key to success and is about service to something greater. Steward leaders take action that is characterized by a number of fundamental attributes such as leading with impact, fostering long-term growth for the future, and driving social good. By creating a clear sense of purpose, family business owners create positive value and a strong culture. This is the stewardship benefit that many family business owners bring to the table.

I work with a corporate leader who defines the values and attributes of a family business that is focused on community, takes into account the needs of its employees and leads through a commitment in stewardship. Sal Lupoli, CEO and Founder of Lupoli Companies believes in the powerful connection between steward leadership and the importance of a shared vision. Sal works with community leaders to have an impact on today and lay the groundwork for tomorrow. “Visions of company heads are important - we work tirelessly in pursuit of new growth opportunities with customers always at the forefront - if we work together and help each other, our communities will thrive, our organizations will thrive and our families will thrive”, said Sal Lupoli. Sal’s definition of family extends into his organization “We may not share the same DNA but we are family – we hold each other to a high standard because the success of the company is for the success of each individual”.

Steward leaders need to chart their organizations path based on their own values and culture, so they can exert a positive influence towards the longer term and a more impactful outcome. Sal Lupoli is driven by a desire to enrich the lives of others through a determination to cause change that positively impacts the economic and social landscape in the community at large. These values and beliefs are the framework behind Lupoli Companies culture and optimistic approach to sustained growth and civic responsibility.