Sal Lupoli, CEO and Founder, Lupoli Companies

Sal Lupoli is driven by a desire to enrich the lives of others through philanthropy and civic engagement that promote the people and places that surround him. With insightfulness and motivation, founded on deep family values, Sal has made a difference in the communities he serves professionally and personally. Sal has substantially strengthened, stimulated and uniquely contributed to the region through his extensive civic and philanthropic efforts.

Civic Responsibility

As a social impact entrepreneur, Sal’s personal commitment to community engagement and corporate social responsibility is unparalleled. Sal’s approach to activism and involvement is defined by an optimistic determination to cause change that positively impacts the economic and social landscape in the community at large.

Sal is a leader who strengthens his company with a reputation of uncompromising integrity and ethical leadership. Sal has helped establish and support a number of local public/private initiatives throughout the region including;